Getting around Vancouver, BC

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Biking is the fastest growing mode of transportation in Vancouver. The benefits of this practice are apparent to all, but there are still some drawbacks that local authorities are seeking to reduce. For instance, the number of dedicated cycling routes is increasing to avoid both cars and pedestrians. Bicycle parking spaces are available. To tackle bicycle theft, about 2,000 per year, a badge and registration system is available free of charge. And of course there is the Mobi Bike Share system.

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  1. My son is one of the main planners with the bike lane group for the City. Every time we visit, we get toured around his latest projects. When he moved there, we started cycling on simple rental bikes, then went to tandems, so we could keep up with his young legs and now E-bikes, so we can go the distance. Longest cycle day was over 50 k. Riding downtown has been made much safer with the separated bike lanes, but vigilance is still required to avoid turning cars, etc.

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    • Thanks Allan, this is very interesting. We always think of the problem of the safety of bikes versus cars, but there is also the problem of pedestrians versus bikes, and here again separate lanes, where possible, bring safety and comfort to all.
      And congratulations to your son, he did a good job (in Edmonton I guess).

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  2. Nope. In Vancouver since 2010. With the City since 2011. He grudgingly likes what Edmonton has done in the last few years, but it is a far cry from what has been accomplished in Vancouver, since he started working there.

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