Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires: Top 10

(continuer en français) – Last updated: December 21, 2020

BA in short, a city of 48 districts with distinct identities, don’t go to the wrong place to make the most of the stay. Here there is a clear European atmosphere, in the architecture and cultural references. However, the exoticism brought by the distance lingers here too, where everything had to be adapted and reinterpreted.

01. La Casa Rosada

The Pink House functions as a presidential palace, it was originally a fort, dismantled and replaced by several public buildings, then unified into one, which explains the lack of unity. The pink is believed to come from an oxblood-based painting popular in the 19th century. In front stretches the Plaza de Mayo where the mothers of those who disappeared during the dictatorship used to gather.

02. Palermo – Soho

Certainly the most pleasant area of BA, frequented by many foreigners, visitors or residents alike, giving it a cosmopolitan character. Few high-rise buildings, but instead, small 19th century houses, often converted into shops or restaurants. The terraces extend over shady sidewalks, such as the Plaza Serrano in the centre of Soho (more).

03. Puerto Madero

The revival of the area could be summed up by the elegant Woman Bridge spanning the basin of the old docks. Along the quays now rise modern buildings preceded by terraces of cafés and restaurants. One passes under the old cranes on rollerblades to visit the ecological reserve located on the bank of the Rio de la Plata.

04. La Boca

A neighborhood of corrugated iron and wood, painted in bright colors, at least in the tourist area, because there is no point in hiding it, La Boca is just a stage set. Three triangular streets with heavily typified houses where tourists get the thrill of visiting a rough neighborhood. Outside the marked out perimeter, the atmosphere becomes awkward and the risk is real.

05. Obelisco

When it was built in 1936 to celebrate the city’s 400th anniversary, the 68-metre obelisk sparked controversy, which tends to be a good sign for the future. It stands on BA’s largest avenue and serves as a rallying point for mass celebrations and protests. Over time it has been embraced as the main city’s icon.

06. Teatro Colón

Considered one of the most prestigious venues in the world, this theatre was built by European architects inspired by Italy and France. First opened in 1908 and completely refurbished in 2010, it hosts operas, ballets and concerts. Up to 3,000 audience members can attend the shows, and there are seven levels of balconies.


The Museum of Latin American Art in Buenos Aires owes its existence to the entrepreneur Eduardo Costantini, who financed its construction and contributed its initial collection with more than 200 works of Latin American art. In addition to the permanent collection, which is constantly being enriched with contemporary works, MALBA hosts international touring exhibitions.

08. Museo Casa Rosada

Once established in the basement of the presidential palace, the museum now has a larger and more modern facility in the refurbished underground foundations of the former Customs House. It displays objects and documents related to the major moments of national history. The memory of Evita Perón figures prominently.

09. The tango

You won’t escape it, tango is everywhere, especially on the usual tourist route. Beyond the shows intended for foreigners, tango remains a popular reality. While the younger generation is going wild in nightclubs, many also practice their heritage dance recognized by UNESCO in 2009.

10. Bosques de Palermo

The Bosques de Palermo, group together several green spaces designed on the model of the Bois de Boulogne by the French landscape architect Charles Thays at the end of the 19th century. There is a botanical garden, a zoo, a Japanese garden, a rosarium, a planetarium, and above all, you can escape the enclosure of the city with the possibility of simply relaxing there.

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