Toronto, Irish legacy, ON

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Ireland Park is located at the foot of the Canada Malting silos, which have been abandoned since the 1980s. This dilapidated structure adds a dreary air to the site. A wall of dark stone imported from Kilkenny closes off the space where are the sculptures representing the Irish immigrants when they arrived in Toronto in 1847.

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    • It has been a topic of discussion for many years for the City of Toronto. The decision to keep these silos has already been made, but without knowing what to do with them. Currently the land around them is under landscaping work, but it is still not clear how to use this very unusual structure.

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    • Silos or factory chimneys refer to an industrial past that we would not want to relive, but their image feeds nostalgia for a way of life that is disappearing, though nostalgia is cherished more than the lifestyle. Thanks for reading and commenting.

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