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Best of Canada, Ontario

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When the St. Lawrence River is formed to flow from the Great Lakes to the ocean, it must meander between many islands over a distance of 60 miles, a hundred kilometres, the Thousand Islands. This is also where the border with the United States runs through. The most visited island is on the American side, where Boldt Castle, an impressive building from 1900, is located. Other islands are also inhabited, more modestly, such as these two islands connected by a private bridge across the border.

‘Best of Canada’ series released during my relocation from Toronto to Paris.

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  1. I wonder what went through this person’s head when they thought it would be a good idea to put a cottage on this teeny tiny island. And then to add a bridge! That’s too funny. I would be so nervous if my cabin was that close to the water.

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  2. How fantastic to live here – in the summer. That’s really getting away from it all but I think I’d love it for a while. Not at the moment though, like everyone else I’m craving company.

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