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Château de Fontainebleau

(continuer en français)

It is another royal residence located 37 miles, 60 kilometres, south of Paris. Its buildings date from a wide range of periods, from the Middle Ages to the late 19th century. Several monarchs have taken an interest in it and have installed the court there for part of the year, causing transformations and enlargements, there are over 1500 rooms.

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  1. Wow here’s a memory from long ago – I visited this chateau in October 1978!! At the time, we were aiming further south but got a bit enchanted by those towns about an hour from Paris. Stayed in a little hotel in Fontainebleau town (Hotel de la Chancellerie it was called). The woodlands and gardens surrounding the chateau were resplendent in autumn colours, in fact I seem to remember that it was an autumn home for successive kings. Mon dieu that visit was a long time ago!

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    • And you still remember the month, the year and the name of the hotel, so your memory must be in good order. I appreciate that you also visited Fontainebleau, I have the feeling that it is too far from Paris for many foreign visitors who also do not stay long enough. It takes more experienced travellers to understand the interest. One of the reasons for the kings to come was hunting, so it is likely that autumn saw them more often. Thanks for reading.

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