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Weekend in Bordeaux

(continuer en français)

The Cité du Vin dates from 2016 and strives to promote the cultural heritage associated with wine. A product of excellence that made the fortune of Bordeaux, wine has an ancient history accompanying civilisations. Located on the banks of the Garonne, a little away from the city centre, the building attracts attention with its curvy lines that are difficult to define. Inside, a permanent tour is organised through texts heard on headphones, a feature that has become banal and not really convincing. On the 8th floor a lookout gives nice views of the surroundings and a tasting glass is offered.

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    • I think visitors need something concrete to capture their imagination and leave a lasting impression, which is what is missing here. I don’t remember any of the texts I heard a fortnight ago. There is THE glass offered to drink at the end, but it is far from a real tasting. Thanks for passing by.

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  1. I’ve avoided this place on my two recent visits to Bordeaux and your post convinces me that I was right to do so. I hate those ‘tastings’ where you are offered a glass of an indifferent wine and then supposed to buy a bottle.

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    • You made a smart choice. I think that visiting the Cité du Vin is not a priority if you are short of time. Despite its weaknesses, it is still a place to visit to get a complete view of Bordeaux.


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