Travel in the United States

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Travelling to the United States is a journey to the daydreaming land.

When you arrive in the United States, you may have been overwhelmed with images from the cinema or TV series, but the contact with reality creates a gap with what you have in your head. You find yourself in a sort of waking dream, there is something of what you have already seen and experienced, but not quite the same.

 est 2020km2inhab/km2 since
Maine1 338 40491 64614,6Augusta1820
Massachusetts6 902 14927 336252,5Boston1788
New York19 542 209141 299138,3Albany1788
Rhode Island1 059 3614 002264,7Providence1790
Vermont626 29924 90125,2Montpelier1791
United States328 200 0009 631 41934,08Washington1788

Too vast, too diverse to be visited in one go, the United States needs to be visited several times to begin to get to know the country. You will have to combine city trips and road trips to explore the multiple facets of this complex land.

Failing to be able to take the train easily, the plane will be the best way to go from one city to another, especially if you want to visit different regions. Car rental and motel accommodation are the basic cocktail for exploring the States thoroughly. As far as food is concerned, the many fast food chains are conveniently available. While not exactly a gourmet choice, this is balanced by the convenience and economy.

I started travelling around the US when digital photography was not yet a reality. I am left with tons of photos of questionable quality, difficult to use here. From Toronto I have since revisited the states within driving distance, New York State which I could see from my window across Lake Ontario, Detroit and Michigan, New England. I even set foot, literally, in Alaska, from the neighbouring Yukon, but without going any further. There is still so much to see, it opens up great prospects for further travel.

First there are the big cities. New York of course, Washington DC, Boston, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, Detroit and many others.

Then there are the landscapes, in other words thousands of kilometres and many hours of driving between two points of interest. These endless roads, open from one coast to the other, this feeling of freedom when you set off, in the manner of Jack Kerouac’s On the Road.

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Travel in the United States

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  1. What a wonderful collection of fantastic photos. From southern Utah and the Eastern Sierra Mountains to the Pacific Northwest Coast, there’s no question that the best thing about America is the wild spaces that I would love to explore one day. 🙂

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    • I hope you will be able to make these trips one day. There are a lot of photos of these places, but once you are there, there is still a surprise effect as photos can’t capture everything.

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    • Given the importance of railways in building the country and the modern techniques of fast travel it is a shame. However, to be fair, there is an efficient bus network, Greyhound is also part of the travel history of the United-States. In my experience, I didn’t really like changing buses twice in the night between Toronto and New York.

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  2. i would love to explore the states via Amtrak. You are right, it’s not very viable to really explore the States thoroughly, but I have heard the experience is really special. As you say, railways played a huge part back in the day of building the USA. It’s a real pity that today they are not as prevalent as they once were. thanks

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