Picture of the day

Road trip in the Faux Perche

(continuer en français)

The Faux Perche is about 90 miles, 150 kilometres, west of Paris. After leaving the rich plain of Beauce, the first undulations announce a change of scenery. Straight lines are replaced by curves and the landscape becomes more diverse. There are still directional signs manufactured by Michelin between 1910 and 1971. They have often been replaced by more recent signs, but there are places where time moves more slowly.

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    • I agree with you, these old signs give a sense of permanence, like “I’m here to stay”. They used to be old-fashioned, but they have become vintage with a bit of class now, it’s true. Unfortunately, there are the same cheap metal signs in Europe, with different colours in different countries, without any charm, they even spoil the landscapes on the roadside.


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