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Along the Seine, Paris

(continuer en français)

The first bateaux-mouches were introduced on the Seine in 1867, and since then they have become part of the sightseeing scenery in Paris. The multiplication of piers and boats follows the trend towards overtourism that the capital suffers from during the summer months, or more precisely the concentration of tourists on a few famous places. Too few visitors are able to step out of the way and enjoy the unlabelled places.

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    • I agree with you about visiting places off the beaten pavements in big cities. You should find a number of them from my daily photos, otherwise I’ll be happy to make a list and it could also be a source of inspiration for some articles.

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  1. Ahhhh yes. Les bateaux-mouches, sight seeing with 300 of your closest strangers. We rode these a couple of times in off peak, but prefer to walk along the banks. Hope your Sunday is going well. Allan

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    • I find it hard to understand the point of these boats. Unless you don’t have enough time or can’t walk. But seeing the monuments from afar at full speed, taking pictures from a moving point, that goes against my way of visiting too.

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