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After visiting so many countries with increasingly diverse populations, particularly in large cities, the European ancestry of almost the entire Argentine population is immediately apparent. The Italians were the most numerous to immigrate, settling in the Spanish empire they adopted the language while giving it a particular pronunciation and a bit confusing at the beginning for the visitor who speaks a little Spanish.

90% of Argentina’s 43 million people live in cities, many of whom have more than one million inhabitants. Rather than copying the northern neighbours of the American continent, the architects were inspired by Europe, Italy, Spain, France, to the point of making Buenos Aires the ”Paris of Latin America”. It is true that the districts of Palermo or the Microcentro are decently comparable.

It is the eighth largest country in the world, that makes a lot of space for the Traveller. Inevitably, the dimensions bring diversity, from the Atlantic coasts to the peaks of the Andes Cordillera, from the tropical heat of the north to the polar chills of the Tierra del Fuego.

Pampa and Patagonia evoke exotic lands where legends of the indigenous and colonial past roam. Road trip desires arise when seeing these roads traced through the vastness of the landscape. But long journeys are not compatible with short holiday periods, so choices will have to be made.

After several stays in Buenos Aires, I must admit that I have developed an attraction for this immense and dense city. It requests other visits to continue to discover its neighbourhoods. From the Iguazú Falls to Ushuaia, I went north and south, I have bypassed much of the rest so far. It remains strong images and valuable experiences.

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Articles about Argentina:

Travel to Argentina

Argentina is the eighth largest country in the world, so there is plenty of space for the traveller. Inevitably size brings diversity, from the Atlantic coast to the peaks of the Andes, from the tropical heatwaves of the north to the polar chills of Tierra del Fuego.

Buenos Aires: Top 10

BA in a shorter form, a city of 48 districts. The city has a distinctly European feel to it, in its architecture and cultural references. However, there is an exoticism brought by the distance, where everything had to be adapted and reinterpreted.

Soho, Buenos Aires’ chic quarter

Soho is the neighbourhood for strolling, shopping and drinking. Many foreign residents have settled here for varying lengths of time, creating a cosmopolitan atmosphere where travellers can easily find their place.

San Antonio de Areco

About 110 kilometres, 70 miles, northwest of Buenos Aires. This small, ancient and prosperous town of 23,000 inhabitants is renowned for having preserved its ancestral rural traditions, particularly those of the Gauchos, the cowboys of the Pampa plains.

Ushuaia : Top 10

The southernmost city in the world, capital of Tierra del Fuego. Founded in 1884, it was for a long time a penal colony and then a naval base. With the development of tourosme, it is above all a good base for visiting the surrounding area.

Meeting with the penguins of Tierra del Fuego

Near Ushuaia, thousands of pairs of penguins meet each summer for breeding before heading off to warmer waters to feed during the Austral winter. Several species live together in the same breeding area.

Estancia Harberton

This was the first estancia to be established in Tierra del Fuego on the Argentine side, created by the Anglican missionary Thomas Bridges. The house was sent from England in pieces and assembled on site.

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