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Most visited in Paris

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2019 was the last normal year for tourism. If the transport strikes and yellow vests protests can be classified normal. It remains the reference year for the attendance of paying sites drawn up by the Paris Tourist Office. The Louvre came out on top with 9.1 million admissions. The Cour Carrée replaced the old medieval castle from the Renaissance onwards, and the Tuileries wings were added to form a vast museum complex.

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    • Such a wise decision! The activity resumes but it is not the same. Even without having to travel, now it is required to book, arriving too early or too late is not good, having a health pass, wearing a mask, some of the more tactile parts are closed; we adapt but it is different.


    • It’s open to health pass holders, vaccinated, tested negative within 72 hours or formerly infected with COVID. They check the pass but not that it’s yours, knowing the French…


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