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New York: Top 10

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New York is not a pretty city and even less an ancient city, but New York fascinates, New York attracts. The city has become the capital of the world, a place of consecration and reference. Its monuments and sites are part of the international culture and are known before being actually seen. Here are the main ones not to be missed during a short stay.

01. Statue of Liberty

More than the United States, the Statue of Liberty is the symbol of the free world. In a world troubled by war, pogroms and famine, seeing it from the deck of a boat or the window of a plane marked the end of the ordeal for millions of refugees. In 1886, it was France’s gift to the American people, and the creator of the Eiffel Tower contributed to its construction.

02. Central Park

The four-kilometre-long strip in the heart of Manhattan was converted into an urban park in 1869, then high-rise buildings surrounded it to form a prestigious neighbourhood. From dog walkers to joggers, there are many users of this countryside area. Regularly concerts take advantage of its large spaces to welcome large crowds.

03. Times Square

It is here that major events are celebrated with crowd gatherings. And yet what a paradox to want to bring so many people together in such a small space. Like an urban abyss surrounded by window cliffs, surrounded by rival screens with syncopated images to attract eyes. The best example of the immense energy that emerges from New York.

04. Metropolitan Museum of Art

As the armies of ancient times accumulated booty during their conquests, the United States was able to use its financial and political supremacy to collect the best works of art produced by cultures around the world throughout the ages. Some of these treasures are on display at the Met, considered one of the world’s leading museums.

05. 9/11 Memorial

All it takes is three digits, 9/11, and everyone knows what it is. The attacks that traumatized the collective memory, also serving as a marker for the passage from one century to the next, continue to be part of Manhattan’s urban fabric. Basins sinking underground occupy the site of the two destroyed towers, the names of the victims are engraved on them.

06. One World Trade Center Observatory

On the hundredth floor of the new tallest tower in the United States, the aerial view of Manhattan Island is on show to the public. The ascent and descent of elevators are spectacular, however, the commercial insistence on selling premium services quickly makes it unpleasant. The view encompasses the entire central part of the city and plunges into the Statue of Liberty.

07. Wall Street

Despite the development of electronic transactions, the location of the main American stock exchange remains a symbol of finance. Now surrounded by a security perimeter, the building with its imposing columns continues to attract the curiosity of the public. Around it, the financial district built its skyscrapers on a narrow street layout that dates back to the early days of colonization.

08. Brooklyn Bridge

It is quite surprising that walking on a narrow footbridge over polluting traffic lanes has become a tourist attraction. However, the two kilometers of the bridge are crowded with visitors looking for photo opportunities, both of the bridge with its cables and brick towers, and of the Manhattan landscape.

09. Washington Park

The arch erected to mark the centenary of George Washington’s accession to the presidency opens on prestigious 5th Avenue. Today, families and young professionals are replacing the hippies of the 1960s. Before being a public garden, it was a cemetery. It is not certain that those who bask in it know that thousands of corpses still lie beneath the surface.

10. Rockefeller Center

After making their fortune in oil, the Rockefeller family diversified their investments and built an office complex in the 1920s in the Art Deco style of the time. Relaxation areas were integrated, such as the Plazza known for its Christmas tree and ice rink. The Top of the Rock terrace offers a typical view of Midtown’s buildings.

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