Magdalen Islands, coast

(continuer en français) – Last updated: February 10, 2022

The Magdalen Islands Archipelago is located 133 miles, 215 kilometres, off the coast of the Gaspé Peninsula in the Gulf of St. Lawrence and has been part of Quebec since 1774. The Islands represent the emerged part of shallow waters that caused many shipwrecks, more than 400 have been recorded. There are many stories of shipwrecked people who ended up settling on the Islands and of houses built with pieces of wreckage. The construction of lighthouses became a necessity very early on.

All the inhabited islands of the archipelago except one, Entrée Island, are linked by long sand dunes, the Magdalen Islands have more than 190 miles, 300 kilometres, of beach.

Dunes and beaches are nowadays places associated with relaxation and holidays.

If the weather is not always ideal, there is always a way to enjoy this invigorating place. In July and August, temperatures generally exceed 20 degrees Celsius.

Elsewhere the beaches are backed by small cliffs.

The most spectacular cliffs have a beautiful red coloration given by the quartz covered with iron oxide. The last light of day makes the red even more intense.

The setting sun also brings the spectacle of backlighting, with the sea serving as a sparkling mirror.

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