Europe of the Old Countries

(continuer en français) – Last updated: November 10, 2019

The Old Countries as they are called in Quebec when it comes to Europe.

Europe is an extraordinary hopscotch for the traveler. A short jump and you can easily cross a border. In the heart of Europe, we no longer even see customs officers, we no longer change currency.

And yet what a mosaic of nations, cultures, languages. For a long time they were exacerbated, enclosed by borders and antagonisms that pushed them to conflict. Today, borders are disappearing but diversity remains, for the delight of the curious traveler.

Multitude of countries and therefore many capitals. All were competing to be the most beautiful, attracting the best artists of all arts, offering us an impressive collection of museum cities.

As if the present was not enough, Antiquity has left us its grandiose ruins.

Religions, sources of quarrels but also reason for transcendence.

Compared to other continents, what a concentration of wealth, what a density of remains left by history. By comparison, the distances are short, the means of transport efficient, so let’s go.


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