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United States, travel to the daydreaming land

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When we arrive in the United States, no matter how full of images we may be of movies or TV series, contact with reality creates a gap with what we unconsciously have in our heads. We find ourselves in a kind of waking dream, there is something already seen, something already lived, but not quite identical.

Too vast, too diverse to be visited in one go, the United States requires to travel there several times to start getting to know the country. It will be necessary to combine city trips and road trips to explore the many facets of this complex land.

If it is not easy to take the train, the plane will be the best choice to travel from one city to another, especially if there are different regions to visit. Car rental and motel will form the basic cocktail to explore the states in greater depth.

Since the 1980s I have made many trips to the United States, visiting most major cities, New York of course, Washington, Boston, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago and many others. Made of stays of one or two weeks, which I organized around a region with several States each time, meaning thousands of kilometres and many hours of driving between two points of interest.

More recently, with the years spent in Toronto, I have travelled more particularly to the states within driving distance, the state of New York that I could see from my window on the other side of Lake Ontario, Detroit and Michigan, New England. I even set foot in Alaska, literally, from the neighbouring Yukon, but without going any further. There is still so much to see, it opens up great prospects for new trips.


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