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I want to put pictures on your travel dreams by showing you what I saw, what I liked and even what I liked less. Then you can decide for yourself!

April 2021 – Paris

In Paris, this end of winter took on the appearance of an anticipated spring, as if nature were trying to make up for the hardships imposed on us. From mid-February onwards, the sun spread a surgical light, cold and clear. Arriving from Toronto, it is two months gained on winter and the possibility of reconstituting my collection of photos showing Paris and soon France.

We are now in the last leg of the Best of Canada for the Photo of the Day which ends with Nunavut. From there it will be the big jump to France, starting with Paris. Canada will be back in the Destinations in a while, after a few more trips to Latin America in the meantime.

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Canada : In the streets of Labrador City

Enjoy the visit and have a good trip!

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