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I want to put pictures on your travel dreams by showing you what I saw, what I liked and even what I liked less. Then you can decide for yourself!

September 2021 – Paris

Summer still goes on! I have to keep this in mind as I will be taking my summer holiday in October. We don’t always choose. But the good thing is that in Europe, summer doesn’t stop at the beginning of September like it does in Canada. Labour Day doesn’t mean that everything for visitors is closed. We just have to head a little further south to find the sun. Summer still goes on!

I will use September to complete my virtual tour of Canada from coast to coast. Started in Newfoundland, the journey went through the Maritimes and the big historical provinces, there are still the Prairies and the Rockies to revisit, before heading back to the East Coast through the Boreal Territories.

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Enjoy the visit and have a good trip!

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