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I want to put pictures on your travel dreams by showing you what I saw, what I liked and even what I liked less. Then you can decide for yourself!

December 2021 – Paris

The end of the year is already in its final straight, pulling us into its spiral of celebrations and reviews, reflecting the rhythm of time. Then come the resolutions and projects, but that’s another story.

The Destinations of this last month of the year will continue to explore the Benelux countries. Initially I had hoped to include views of Christmas markets, but the health situation has once again prompted prudence in voluntarily limiting travel. Paris, on the other hand, is shining with a thousand lights as it dresses up in its festive costume, which will be seen through the Picture of the day.

The latest articles published: 

Canada : In the streets of Labrador City

Enjoy the visit and have a good trip!

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