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June 2021 – Paris

If one swallow doesn’t make a summer, a stork will. With the combination of good weather, progress in vaccination and the reduction of limitations, it is once again possible to travel. Carefully to preserve the safety of all. That is why I recently went to Strasbourg, which explains the unusual presence of the stork. This is the first of many trips, first in France and then as soon as possible in Europe.

However, I am still concentrating on articles about Latin America, at least until the end of June. From there, it will be appropriate to greet the national days in the north of the continent by starting a summer retracing a little more of what I know in Canada and the United States. But how quickly the weeks go by as so many photos compete to get out of the hard drives and onto the screens.

The latest articles published: 

Canada : In the streets of Labrador City

Enjoy the visit and have a good trip!

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