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September 2022 – Paris

Global warming is a legitimate concern, heatwaves and droughts are worrisome, but for travellers and photographers, the abundance of sunshine is a welcome bonus. Europe has had a great summer and I’ve had the pleasure of seeing again cities like Brussels, Bruges, London, Bern and Geneva. There are also all the beautiful French cities that give a more comprehensive picture of France beyond the iconic Parisian monuments.

I will therefore begin the tour of the French provinces in the Destinations of the coming weeks, starting with the regional capitals in order to structure the breakdown of France into its regions. I will then add more articles on the other attractions. The Picture of the Day is in the same terrain, focusing more on the moment than the place, or the detail rather than the whole.

The latest articles published: 

Canada : In the streets of Labrador City

Enjoy the visit and have a good trip!

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