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(continuer en français) – Last updated: May 20, 2023

Welcome to Lookoom, the site I created to share what I have seen and understood in my travels around the world.

Both Canadian and French, my bases are in Toronto and Paris, I have also lived and worked in some other countries. Like many people I work hard until the next holiday. But in my head it is not so clear, I never know if my main job is financial services or travel.

I began travelling internationally while in Europe. Then for many years back in Canada, I focused my travels on the whole of the Americas, from Nunavut to Ushuaia. I switched to Paris in early 2021, since then I have been rediscovering both this fabulous city and the diversity of Europe.

While waiting for the next departure, I recall my previous trips by selecting pictures and presenting them with what I understood about the places I visited. My best reward is to read that it makes someone want to go there.


What to find in Lookoom:

Picture of the day

In 2004 I made the imprudent mistake of starting to publish one photo a day of the country where I was living, Ireland at the time. Since then I can’t stop. The first year I referenced the photos starting with the letter A, moving on to B the second year and so on. I have got to T, I hope to get to Z. After Canada, it is now France that feeds this daily publication.


This is where I group my travels around the world. After having presented most of the countries of the American continents, I am doing the same for the European countries, with a few return trips to America from time to time. There are already 34 countries, I will also add, someday, my travels in Asia or Oceania which are waiting in the hard drives.

Top 10

Within Destinations, I wanted to consolidate my knowledge on some cities through a short selection of the 10 main sights not to be missed. This helps to quickly build the itinerary of a weekend. 77 cities are already available in this format.


All photos and writings published on Lookoom are from me. For the sake of editorial consistency I do not participate in challenges or receive awards.

Enjoy your visit and have a good trip, I look forward to exchanging through the comments.


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