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When the province of Saskatchewan was formed in 1905, Regina was chosen as the capital. Its main advantage was its position on the Canadian Pacific Railway line. Saskatchewan is the least populated of the vast provinces dividing Canada into vertical slices, the major resource still being agriculture, this affects Regina’s size.

01. Parliament

After the province creation in 1905, the construction of the Legislative Assembly was undertaken as early as 1908. The architecture was inspired by European designs, particularly the Beaux-Arts style in vogue at the time. It was thought that the population of Saskatchewan would soon grow to several million, with 120 members expected. They are only 61 for one million people.

02. Wascana Park

The urban park, which was close to the city centre from the beginning, has seen the suburbs build up around it. Parliament is the dominant monument in the park, which stretches along the banks of the Wascana River forming a lake. It also features a number of sports and cultural facilities and part of the University of Regina campus.

03. Government House

Since 1891, it has been the residence of the Lieutenant-Governor, who is the representative of the English sovereign. Initially it covered the entire Northwest Territories before it was split up in 1905. As a residence, office, ceremony venue and even museum, the buildings have grown over time, in a pleasant park away from the downtown core.

04. RCMP

In 1885, the historic headquarters of the Mounted Police moved to Regina. Despite its relocation to Ottawa, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police Cadet Training School still remains. A modern facility houses the museum showing the history of the police force and its role in the shaping of Canada. The Musical Ride, the RCMP’s equestrian show, was born here.

05. City Hall

Regina was incorporated as a city in 1903, then there were 3,000 inhabitants, today there are more than 200,000. The city hall followed the evolution, it is currently the fourth building to serve the city, completed in 1976. It is essentially an office tower, without having the usual decorum to accommodate the municipality’s ceremonies.

06. Victoria Park

Initially it was a piece of land left vacant in the centre of Regina to be used as a place for festivities or exhibitions, such as the annual farmers’ fair. Since then its appearance has been embellished, especially with many trees that do not prevent fairs from taking place there. In the centre stands the Cenotaph honouring the dead of the First World War.

07. McCallum Hill Centre

The twin towers are named after the preceding building dating from 1912. At that time, with 10 storeys, it was the tallest building in all of Saskatchewan. With 20 floors, the current towers double in size to become prime downtown locations, but they are not the tallest anymore.

08. Cornwall Shopping Mall

Opened in 1981, the shopping mall is located right in the city centre, forming a covered street in order to mitigate the excess of temperatures, summer and winter. However, with the shift of retail trade, shopping malls are under pressure to adapt. In recent years, the emphasis has been placed on offering on-site catering to attract patrons.

09. Casino

The Casino took over the building of the former passenger station of 1912. The construction of the railway in 1882 was instrumental in the city’s expansion. Far from the industrial centres of the East, productions and populations could now arrive at lower cost, in exchange for local agricultural products. The station became a casino in 1996 after services stopped.

10. Sculptures

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Several interesting sculptures stand in the streets of the downtown area. For example, the Monument honouring the contribution of immigrants, inspired by real people. The bodies are only partially represented, as if they were still missing a part. Also, the flight of the wild geese is so evocative of the Canadian nature that is still very much alive in the West.

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  1. I’ve never thought about visiting Regina as it never attracted my attention but now I learned a bit more about it through this post. There is a lot to see in Canada but people tend to travel overseas to see the world but they don’t end up discovering their own country (I admit that I’m guilty). I hope to visit this nice city someday. Thank you for your post.

    Liked by 1 person

    • You are absolutely right, I have met few Canadians who have visited all 10 provinces and 3 territories. Regina is often overlooked though it once administered the huge Northwest Territory, nearly as vast as Europe. Thank you for commenting.

      Liked by 1 person

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