Travel in America

(continuer en français) – Last updated: November 3, 2019

America is the New World

A new world in comparison to Europe from which the discoverers and then the settlers came. Today, European travelers find common points with their countries of origin, not only in terms of language, but also in terms of many refreshing differences.

As early as the year 1000, the Vikings landed on the American coast and even established at least one base at Anse aux Meadows, which was occupied for a few years. These first visitors did not have any idea of the importance of their discovery and the information remained confined to the Nordic sagas.

It was not until 1492 and Christopher Columbus that Europe and America began to get to know each other. Since then, exchanges and blending have contributed to the respective developments of the two continents.

Attracted by curiosity or wealth, adventurers in search of good fortunes went up rivers, crossed deserts, always going further and further west by an immensity that seemed infinite.

The overflow of European populations undertook the perilous journey on the seas, fleeing wars, famine or religious intolerance. Villages, towns and settlements were organized, fulfilling this old dream of a new beginning and a new life.

With the emergence of the economic power of the United States, its culture and fashions spread, influencing Europeans in return. Jack Kerouac’s On the Road opened the road to road trips.

It is up to everyone to imagine and experience their discovery of America, but it is certainly still a sumptuous place to travel.

Of course, I have travelled across Canada through the ten provinces and three territories. I’ll show you the most interesting places.
I have made several trips to the United States, especially to the charming New England states.

There are those pieces of France so far from the Metropolis where the French would feel at home after a long stay abroad.

The countries of Latin America constitute an extraordinary reserve of pura vida where curiosity finds material to flourish. Especially since we find the remains of pre-Columbian civilizations, so striking for the imagination.

From Nunavut to Ushuaia, there are so many landscapes, cities, cultures, so many good reasons to be amazed and to return enriched by your trip.

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