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Weekend in Bordeaux

(continuer en français)

Bordeaux is the capital of the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region, the largest in France and the third largest in population. The Place de la Bourse is probably the best known image of the city, especially for its mirror of water reflecting the beautiful facades. Unfortunately, its activity has been temporarily stopped and to make matters worse, part of the buildings is covered with a large advertisement, supposedly to finance the work it conceals. This has become a common practice on prestigious facades, and one wonders whether the lure of the advertising contract might not push some of the work to be done, or even lengthen its duration.

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  1. Had a great Bordeaux weekend a few years ago…actually it was during the Iceland volcanic ash cloud issue and we had to return to the UK by train. The water feature and the river front were both great, but the highlight was undoubtedly our excursion out to St Emillion….I’m sure you can guess why!

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